Mum & Baby

Pregnancy is a time of internal & external changes to a woman's body & the skin maybe in need of extra special care & pampering during this time. Helping to keep the skin supple is one way to hopefully avoid the appearance of stretch marks & our 'Blossom' range has been specifically designed for use during (& after) pregnancy.
Babies are the most precious gift & as such deserve the finest care. Mother Nature has provided us with the best ingredients to care for our babies skin, health & well being.
New mums often neglect their pamper routine in the first few weeks or months & during this period the body & mind adjusts to the time clock of the new arrival, extreme tiredness & worry of caring for this new arrival can take over. A few stolen minutes of 'Me Time' can relax a new mum & our Magical Moments new mum range has been created to relax both body & mind.