Equine Massage Book - for Kindle


    ‘Relieve their pain before it becomes your pain’
Equine Massage is an easy to understand guidebook for horse owners of any age.
‘Massage therapy has been introduced to the equine community to improve performance & prevent injuries’.
‘Massage is used to relax a horse, initiating muscle repair & improved temperament which increases stamina & reduces risk of injury’.
‘A happy horse is a healthy horse’


  • Introduction
  • Intent
  • Word of Caution
  • Longeing
  • Sports Massage
  • Techniques
  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Front Legs
  • Back
  • Rump
  • Rear Adductors & Rear Leg
  • Tail
  • Face
  • Basic Stretch Routine
  • Conclusion

The intent of this book is to
·        To bring about full recovery after injury
·        To seek out & prevent injuries
·        Address structural problems
·        Enhance performance
Some of the benefits of massage
·        Eliminates soreness by promoting healthy tissue consistency
·        Improves performance & endurance
·        Improves muscle tone
·        Eliminates muscle soreness
·        Warms up muscles prior to work out or performance
·        Prevention of injuries by keeping muscles balanced, relaxed, resilient & free of trigger points


The massage techniques used in each section are explained in detail & are accompanied with illustrations.
The author has included some case histories to show how Equine Massage has helped various problems.
47 pages
The author Stuart J Farnell, LMT is a licensed massage therapist in Aiken, South Carolina & is nationally certified. He has been involved in massage therapy since 1968 when he required therapy for a sports injury, he sustained whilst playing Rugby.
Thereafter he began a life-long pursuit of massage therapy knowledge & excellence by studying massage in Singapore for 18 months & Shiatsu for 6 months in Japan.
He extended his knowledge & expertise to the animal world, working upon horses & other animals.
The book contains 47 pages & is available in mobi format

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