Rhassoul (Ghassoul) Moroccan Lava Clay


Rhassoul or Ghassoul Moroccan Lava Clay has been & is still used by ladies & gents in Morocco to maintain lustrous shiny hair & soft, smooth & healthy skin. 

Mined from beneath the Atlas mountains the clay is cleansing, detoxing, astringent & degreasing. It softens the skin, reduces the sebum production & regenerates healthy looking skin by exfoliation. Skin looks smoother as the clay tightens pores. 

Rhassoul can be used as a body wash, a shampoo & a facial & body mask. 

You can use different types of water to mix the Rhassoul into a paste. Tap water, spring water , distilled water or even floral waters (hydrosols) such as orange blossom, lavender, rose or your preferred choice. 

Firstly warm the water then add to the Rhassoul & leave for 5 minutes, then mix into a paste. You are now ready to apply to the face or hair. Once applied, sit down, & relax for 10 - 20 minutes before rinsing away. 

After using a face mask, follow with a moisturiser, Argan oil is the perfect finishing touch. 

10 - 15g of Rhassoul is ideal for facial masks, you may need to use slightly more if you have long hair.

When applying to hair, work around the head & apply in sections. 

To use as a Body Wash

Mix Rhassoul & water as above (pour on warm water, leave then mix to a paste). Step into the shower & wet hair & body, then turn off the water & apply the Rhassoul all over the body, you can use a Kessa glove or your hands & then use an exfolliating mitt or bath scrunchie to massage all over. Then turn on the water again & rinse. 

To use as a Shampoo

Mix 2 tbsp of Rhassoul with 3 cups of distilled water ( or your preferred choice, see above).
An easy way to apply is to pour the mixture into a bottle with an applicator nozzle/spout & this enables you to apply the mixture easily to the scalp. Massage into the scalp once applied & then apply the rest of the mixture to the hair itself. Massage the hair gently, then rinse well. 

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