The Hammam is an important ritual for men, women & children in Morocco & is visited weekly. The Hammam 
experience is not one to be rushed, expect to enjoy 2-3 or more hours here.  Moroccans not only enjoy the 
cleansing ritual of the Hammam they also turn visit into an  opportunity to catch up with family & friends.

Men & women bathe seperately.

Savon Beldi is used during the first process of the Hammam. After undressing in changing rooms, you move into
a room filled with steam, water is then poured over the body & Savon Beldi is smoothed all over & then left to 
penetrate the skin. The soap does not lather & it is extremely gentle & suitable for all skin types including 
sensitive. A kessa glove is normally used to remove the Savon Beldi & to exfoliate & remove dead skin cells. 

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Argan Oil - Organic (1st) Cold Pressed from Morocco

Argan Oil - Organic (1st) Cold Pressed from Morocco

Hydrates & protects, hair, skin & brittle nails Use in pregnancy to reduce stretch marks Regulate sebum production - ideal for dry & oily...

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Rhassoul (Ghassoul) Moroccan Lava Clay

Rhassoul (Ghassoul) Moroccan Lava Clay

Rhassoul or Ghassoul Moroccan Lava Clay has been & is still used by ladies & gents in Morocco to maintain lustrous shiny hair & soft,...