A World of Beauty Rituals

The world is an amazing place & although we all breathe the same air, warm our bodies under the same sun & enjoy the same blue skies natural beauty regimes can vary immensely. The UK traditionally used Lavender oil in a variety of products including soaps & toilet waters.Acres of purple flat lands of England yielded fragrant Lavender, used traditionally in soaps and other beauty products. Not only was it seen as a traditionally  English fragrance but was also widely used throughout the Mediterranean. The Greeks and Cypriots brought us a  fusion olive groves for the olive oil used often in soaps and other cosmetics around the world Moving onto Africa which has an abundance of natural beauty ingredients. Rhassoul Lava Clay mined from deep beneath the Atlas mountains & is used for cleansing, exfoliation & detoxification. Ghana produces probably the finest Shea Butter you can find & further around the globe Sri Lanka grows & harvests the most aromatic Coconut oil.

Our aim is to bring you the best of these natural beauty secrets & gorgeous hand made products made around this wonderful Earth of ours.